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Various 7 For All Mankind Jeans UK Sale hottest Why the Philippines is not making the same mistake as Japan in its clothing: ‘We’re not ready to lose the fight’

Why the Philippines is not making the same mistake as Japan in its clothing: ‘We’re not ready to lose the fight’

A garment manufacturer in the Philippines has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 in back wages for an employee who was not paid the minimum wage for her job in a year and a half.

Marianne Jansen Baptiste was employed by the Marian-Jean company at a factory in Davao City in 2017.

She was also a manager at the factory and a member of the company’s social security department.

The worker, who was pregnant, had been working in the factory since November.

But she was not eligible for the minimum pay rate because she was working for the government.

She started to notice her paychecks were not being deposited into her bank account in January 2018.

She filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labor, but was told by the government that they could not do anything because she had not been paid in the previous year.

She said she was also owed about $40,000 and that she could not access her bank accounts until the government agreed to pay the unpaid amount.

The Philippine government has said the amount she was owed was in excess of $40 million, but has yet to pay it.

But on Tuesday, the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said it would file a complaint against Baptiste and other factory employees, saying they were not paying workers the minimum amount.

“The NBI has also directed the Philippine Labor Department to initiate proceedings in the courts to determine if Baptiste’s claim is valid and enforceable,” said NBI deputy director General Lina Sosa in a statement.

“Ms. Baptiste is a victim of a corporate failure to provide the minimum wages owed to her,” Sosa said.

The Philippines has a population of more than 2.2 billion and a total economy worth about $30.6 trillion.

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