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How to make your own baggy denim jeans

A pair of jeans can be the perfect accessory for the office, but it’s no joke when you’re on the road or out in the wilderness.

Here’s how to make them at home.

READ MORE: What to do when you find a baggie denim The easiest way to make a pair of baggy jean shorts is to strip the denim down to its raw fabric.

This can be done with a pair or three of jeans, but if you’re making your own, start with the most basic.

Find a pair that fit you well, and make a tape measure so you can measure the length of each side.

Then cut them down to length.

It’s easy to take the pants apart and put them back together, but strip the fabric first.

Once the tape measure is attached, it’s time to sew them on.

Once you’ve sewn the pants on, you’ll need to sew the buttons up to the jeans.

Sew the buttons on a pair if you have to sew it on your own.

Make sure to mark where the seams go so you know where to put the sewing machine.

For this step, it can be a little difficult to figure out where the buttons are going, so you’ll have to do a little research.

It takes a lot of patience and some patience on your part, but once you get the hang of it, it will be worth it.

You’ll need a sewing machine that you can sew the jeans to.

To sew the pants, start by pulling the jeans away from each other, leaving the fabric on the inside.

When you sew them together, the jeans will stick together and won’t come apart.

Make a mark on the fabric that looks like a circle.

That’s your seam allowance.

Make another mark on your jeans, this time along the seam allowance, as well as on the edge of the fabric.

Make two marks on the edges of the pants.

Now, make a second mark along the inside edge of each of the jeans, just below the seam that you made in the first place.

You want to make sure that when you sew the next seam to the outside of the garment, the mark you made is in line with the mark that you just made.

This will give you a perfect seam allowance for the next sewn stitch.

If you sew on a seam that isn’t on the mark, you won’t be able to sew a stitch.

Repeat for each seam you want to sew on.

Next, cut the jeans down to the length that you want.

For a pair, you might want to cut it to fit your arms, chest, or stomach.

But if you want a pair with an ankle-length leg or leg-length torso, you can cut the denim to the right length, or you can make them longer if you’d like.

The best way to do this is to make the jeans longer than you need them to be.

Once they’re all the way down to your desired length, sew the pleats down one at a time, keeping the pleat at an even angle.

Repeat on the other side.

This process will keep the jeans from pulling up when you put them on, and it’s a good way to avoid ripping or tearing the jeans when you take them off.

The final step is to put them all back together.

Put them on your belt, but make sure you sew each side to the inside of the belt, just as you did the first time.

Sew it all the same way you did it before.

You can sew on the buttons or buttons to the side if you need to.

For best results, make the pants as long as you need, or as short as you want them to look.

And don’t forget to mark the exact number of button holes on the waistband.

Sew them to the waist band, just like you did on the first pair of pants.

When they’re finished, turn them inside out and check for any holes.

If they’re still there, they’re there.

Make the final adjustments and sew them back on.

You’re done!

A pair that fits your arms can be your best friend on the trail, and you can wear them all the time.

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