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How to wear jeans without getting caught

In the era of the snapback, a denim jean that has been in your closet for years can look chic and comfortable on its own.

Here are seven basics to get you started.


Use a belt.

If you’re not using a belt, there are some practical ways to make your jeans look like the ones you’ve been wearing.

Get a belt that fits well and you’ll look like you belong in a movie.


Use jeans as shoes.

The most common way to wear a denim pair is by wearing them in a pair of jeans that you don’t need to wear shoes, and those jeans will look better than the ones that have been hanging out in your drawer.


Keep it simple.

A lot of men have their favorite jeans and jeans they can wear for all kinds of occasions.

But if you can’t wear jeans to work, school, or a convention, you might want to consider buying some of these jeans instead.


Don’t get stuck in the old-school style.

Donning your jeans without having them look old-fashioned can be a great way to add a little bit of flair to your look.

If it’s your first time wearing a pair, try them on and see how comfortable you feel.


Wear them on the go.

If jeans can be worn in multiple ways, they’re going to look better in a jacket or pants, which can help you feel more comfortable while you’re out and about.


Be mindful of style.

You might want a casual pair of shorts that don’t get in the way of a t-shirt, a pair that don a tank top or a hoodie, or something that isn’t overly flashy.

It’s a good idea to experiment with a few different styles of jeans and try them all on to find what you like.


Use your imagination.

It might sound silly to wear your jeans with shorts in a tuxedo, but that’s exactly what this is about.

Just like you can dress up as your favorite movie character or a famous politician to make a statement about your style, you can use your denim jeans to make an interesting statement in a very different way.

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